Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Process of Self-Forgiveness

It happens to each of from time to time.  In those silent moments, when we're all alone, we begin to reflect on past mistakes, failures, and hurts.  Shame, guilt, and regret are just a few of the emotions that we experience in these quiet moments.  We often hear the phrase, "forgiveness" tossed about, yet so many of us are guilty at this very moment of holding grudges...against OURSELVES.

For some, it's the pain of divorce, and of knowing that selfish actions may have resulted in the dissipation of a family. For others, it may be the memories of disrespect towards now deceased parents, or the ill treatment of children. Regardless as to what the source of these negative reflections may be, it is CRUCIAL to our overall mental, physical, financial, and EMOTIONAL health, that we deal with each of these issues in conclusion, ONCE AND FOR ALL!!

Acknowledgement would be the first step in this self-forgiving process. This is the toughest step in the process.  Many of us have lived in denial for a number of years. We have swept our destructive behaviors and actions under the rug, and failed to ever come to grips with the fact that WE may have been at fault in past matters.

It is very important to not only acknowledge that we were at fault, but to actually examine what our thought process might have been at the time, and what exactly may have been the cause of our foolish actions. Once we have come to grips with our accountability in the situation, then we are prepared to move on to the next step.

Apologizing would be the next step in this process. In most cases, it's simply impossible to go back, and to heal past hurts that we have left in the wake. However, as long as the offended parties are still alive, it is never too late to form a sincere apology.

This step takes ABSOLUTE humility. You can only imagine a man or a woman contacting a former spouse, who by this time may even be remarried, to make an apology for foolish actions that may have taken place in the past.  This step is VERY important in the process, and is the ONLY means for getting rid of the guilt that has haunted us for years.

Repentance would be the third and final step in this process.  There is something that is VERY therapeutic about confessing past sins to God, and asking him to not only forgive us, but to also remove the stains of guilt and sorrow that have made it very difficult for us to proceed with our lives.

PLEASE believe me when I tell you this; God, sensing your sincerity, as demonstrated by your honesty, and your willingness to make amends with the offended parties, will ABSOLUTELY lift the load of guilt that has plagued you for years, and you will FINALLY be FREE to go on living the life of health, wealth, and happiness that you deserve.

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