Work At Home/Own A Business

“Network marketing is the big wave of the future. It’s taking the place of franchising, which now requires too much capital for the average person.” — Jim Rohn, America’s Business Philosopher

The working poor in America are now being introduced to something that the rich citizens of this country have been privy to for years: THERE ARE TREMENDOUS BENEFITS TO BE DERIVED FROM STARTING HOME BASED BUSINESSES! These benefits include: tax savings, freedom of schedule, ability to avoid hostile work environments, no limitations, and the ability to excel just as far as talent, resources, and hard work can take us.

Daycare, cleaning services, dog walking, carpet cleaning, painting, and lawn service are all examples of some of the more common home based businesses today. However, there are two types of income, with regards to home based businesses. I would like to share each of these income types, as well as their dictionary definitions.
  1. Linear Income-Pay for work performed. You work so many hours, you're paid so many hours. To expand your income you must work more hours.
  2. Residual Income-Continuing royalties. Payments on renewals of memberships, subscriptions which were originally sold by you. To expand your income, you may choose to either work harder, or to hire more people.
This brings us to the MAJOR attraction of Network Marketing.  Millions of home based business owners today have made the grave error of leaving JOBS for TOUGHER jobs.  It really is pointless to leave a $40,000 per year/40 hour per week JOB, to start a $40,000 per year/60 hour per week JOB...with the title of, "BUSINESS OWNER."

Network Marketing allows 50 people to do the work of one. Here is a brief example. Bob joins a network marketing organization. Bob convinces three members of his family to follow in his steps. Each of the three family members also brings in three of their friends, and last, each of the three friends bring in three of their family members.

So in a relatively short amount of time, Bob has gone from working ALONE for himself, to reaping RESIDUAL income from all of the sales, and/or service activities of the roughly 30 or so business partners that he has sponsored into his organization. Can you imagine the effort, blood, sweat, and tears that it would have taken Bob to perform the work of 30 people ALONE?!!

The wealthy in this country have known of, and been involved with the practice of network marketing for decades. Guys like Donald Trump, Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, Les Brown, and others, have ALL preached the business of network marketing.  When faced with the choice of working 60-70 hour weeks in efforts to succeed alone, or to put forth a percentage of this effort, and to allow the teamwork of dozens, hundreds, and even THOUSANDS of business partners to increase your personal profits, it really does become a no-brainer.

So why are these people who are sponsored into the organization by Bob referred to as "business partners" as opposed to employees? The reason for this is that, like Bob, each of these individuals are also business owners. Like Bob, each of these individuals are building and running their own organizations, and has the right to build above and beyond Bob, if they are willing to spend the time necessary to build relationships. What corporation allows THAT? Who WOULDN'T want in on this?!!!!

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The future of network marketing is unlimited. There’s no end in sight. It will to continue to grow, because better people are getting into it. They are raising the entire standard of MLM to the point where soon, it will be one of the most respected business methods in the world.” – Brian Tracy, Author and Motivational Speaker