Thursday, November 17, 2011


"AAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!" Do you wake up from time to time feeling like just screaming, "AAAAGGGGHHHH???!!!" We live in a very stressful, demanding society. The financial demands of these times have resulted in high turnover on jobs, higher divorce rates, increasing rates of individuals with mental health issues, and even suicides.

The key to surviving with the constant demands of this day, is to develop the ability to spot opportunities, and to CAPITALIZE upon these opportunities, with NO HESITATION!

With roughly 75% of the American population living paycheck to paycheck, the status quo has clearly failed us all. Thus, it is very obvious that we have to accept responsibility for our financial lives on a very PERSONAL basis.

The fact of the matter is that MILLIONS of Americans are one or two missed paychecks away from being homeless. Now it would be very easy for each of us to close our eyes to reality, and to act as if this threat is not VERY real.

So this brings us right back to the idea of, "Opportunity." I pulled up the dictionary definition for the word, and this is what I came up with;A set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something;A chance for employment or promotion.

Now there are all SORTS of factors that could prevent one from acquiring promotions, and/or advancement in a normal workplace. There are issues with racism, sexism, nepotism, and various additonal glass ceilings in many organiztions today.

As a result of these glass ceilings, millions of Americans are now creating home based businesses, and the majority of these businesses center around the network marketing industry. This is the ONLY industry where you can take a VERY small amount of capital, and use it to create your dreams!!

Although I am a personal distributor of the Body By Vi-90 Day Challenge with Visalus, due to the explosive growth, excellent mix of products, extensive support systems, and unlimited advancement opportunities; there are a million other network marketing companies that are also out there, and that are experiencing a great deal of success.

I would like to provide each of my readers with a PERSONAL challenge today. This challenge comes in the form of five questions:

1. If you were to suddenly lose your job TODAY, in a job market that is taking new applicants on average 6-12 months to find new work; how would this impact your life?

2. Do you have an emergency fund saved away, in the event that something should suddenly go wrong with your family?

3. How much time are you spending on average each day, worrying about money?

4. Would an extra $1,500-3,000 per month, on a very part-time basis, remove some of your stress?

5. If I were to present you with an opportunity to earn an additional $1,500-3,000 per month, and to demonstrate to you that MILLIONS of Americans from blue & white collar jobs alike ARE ALREADY DOING THIS; would you take advantage of the opportunity?

I would like to close this article by inviting you to visit my website: After reviewing the information within the site, you will be presented with an opportunity to join the challenge, as either a customer, or as a business partner.

This is your opportunity. This is your chance to create the life that you've always wanted. This is anything but a scam. Feel free to research the Visalus organization. Read about the MILLIONS of Americans JUST LIKE YOU, who are changing their LIVES by taking action, and by capitalizing upon this opportunity.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me either by email (, or at the number posted on my site. I want this for you, perhaps even more than you desire it for yourself!!! LET'S GO

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