Monday, November 14, 2011


"The achievement of a level of performance that does not vary greatly in quality over time." This is the dictionary definition for the word CONSISTENCY. One of the greatest weaknesses in our country today, is the inability of the majority of American citizens to put forth a consistent effort in most areas of life. The results of these inconsistencies are as follows:
  1. High collegiate drop-out rates
  2. High divorce rates
  3. Roughly 75% of the American population living check to check
  4. Underwhelming performance in the workplace
  5. Sickness, disease, and premature deaths
  6. Broken New Year's resolutions, etc.
Focusing particularly on the health and wellness aspects of this topic, gyms across the country experience exponential growth in the months of December and January, on an regular basis.  Many of these new members are attempting to act upon New Year's resolutions, and this excitement, commitment, and work usually begins to lose it's momentum at some point prior to the month of March.

So why is this? When it comes to matters of health, most people tend to start out with unrealistic expectations from the jump. A man sees the robust image of his favorite male actor in a romantic movie, and he ATTACKS THE GYM WITH VIGOR, in hopes of developing an identical body within.......ten days!!!!!!!!!! When the man fails to see comparable results within this ten day period, he quits working out altogether.

I used a male figure in the example above, but this same analogy could just as easily have been applied to a female. A much more productive and realistic approach for the members of both sexes would be to commit to regular exercise, healthy eating, and discipline, as a CONSISTENT WAY OF LIFE.

I read an article recently about Boxing great, "Floyd Mayweather." In this article, Mayweather shared the fact that he trains year round, with or without fights on his schedule. As a result of this STRICT, and CONSISTENT discipline, Mayweather has a 42-0 record, and is arguably the greatest fighter in the history of the sport.

It is also much better for individuals who are looking to get fit, to focus on establishing consistent disciplines, as opposed to stepping on the scales on a weekly basis.  If we can commit to showing up to our gyms on a regular basis, avoiding fast foods, getting proper sleep, receiving the necessary nutrition for our bodies (via shakes & supplements), and MAINTAIN each of these behaviors on a CONSISTENT basis, we would literally be MESMERIZED by the results!

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