Saturday, November 26, 2011

80% Of All New Businesses Fail Within Two Years. This Is Why You Should Consider Visalus.

Over the years, research has shown that roughly 80% of all new businesses terminate operations within the first two years of service. Why is this? Well, there are a wide variety of factors that play into the failure of any business. However, for the purposes of this particular entry, I would like to focus on just two of these factors: lack of capital and poor company structure/support.

Most national franchises require enormous start-up capital from aspiring entrepreneurs. Individuals looking to invest in prominent restaurant chains such as McDonald's, KFC, and Wendy's, could very well be required to come up with more than a million dollars, just in initial start up fees.

Of course it is safe to say that the larger the chain, the higher the costs of entry. In most instances, entrepreneurs looking to create businesses without the support of national brands may be able to save on the initial start-up costs. However, there will still be the need to consistently dispense capital, in order to establish these businesses.

Aside from the issue of capital, there is also a massive crisis unfolding in many national chains today, due to the lack of corporate support, once the initial fees have been collected. The fact remains that many franchises today tend to whine and dine potential franchisees, right up until the time that the checks have been cut, and then the relationships sour altogether.

There are questions that can potentially arise on a daily basis in business, and if there is no structure in place to provide the answers to these questions, then failure is sure to be the result.

Capital is a non-factor in the business of Visalus. Years ago, network marketers were required to invest in large quantities of inventory, and to then place this inventory in their homes, in hopes of someday landing customers who would purchase the products.

My have times changed. Today, entrepreneurs who promote the Visalus brand are NOT required to invest in inventory. The entire business can be operated online, and the company ships the products directly from warehouses to the doors of our customers.

Business owners who promote the Visalus brand, also have the luxury of utilizing the backing of a national brand, without the requirement of paying franchise fees or royalties.  Individuals looking to create home based businesses within the Visalus brand simply do not have to concern themselves with working capital.

As impressive as the low start-up costs of becoming a distributor of Visalus products may be, even more impressive is the training and support provided within the organization. The training at Visalus is among the best in the network marketing industry. Business owners who partner up with the Visalus brand receive training on marketing, utilizing social media, recruiting, organization, sales, time management, identifying target markets, and customer follow-up.

In addition to the initial training, each business partner within the Visalus brand operates as part of a team. These teams are often headed up by individuals with decades of experience in the network marketing industry, who are simply a phone call, or a mere click away, should questions arise about the business.

There company also provides conference calls and regional training events, where business partners within the Visalus organization are granted opportunities to network, present questions, and to receive training that will equip them with the knowledge necessary to run a successful operation.

As a new member of the Visalus family, I am quite simply BLOWN AWAY at the low start-up costs, as well as the enormous levels of support that I have received on a very personal level, from business partners throughout all four corners of the United States. I would ENCOURAGE each and every aspiring entrepreneur to check out the Visalus/Body by Vi business opportunity.

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