Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Benefits of Creating a Homebased Business Through Network Marketing

Research shows that close to 70% of Americans are completely dissatisified with their careers.  There could be any number of reasons for this lack of satisfaction on the job, including: wrong fit, bad leadership, long hours, lack of pay, poor work/life balance, and/or lack of advancement opportunities.  However, through my personal research, I've found that one of the main reasons for this dissatisfaction is the lack of freedom for most individuals to fully utilize their skills and abilities, due to business structure, business policies, and/or corporate politics.

This brings us to the value of starting home based businesses, and in this particular case, I am referring to network or direct sales marketing.  When you decide to join a network marketing organization, you receive all of the benefits associated with business ownership, including: tax breaks, the freedom to design your own career path, the ability to recruit individuals into your organization, freedom to design your own marketing approach, freedom to establish your own schedue, and last, the ability to FULLY maximize your TRUE potential.

When considering any major change in life, the element of fear will always be present.  However, the way to overcome fear is to ask yourself this question, "What is there to fear?" Most people who are hesitant to join network marketing organizations, usually lack the small amount of capital necessary for entry.

The one thing that you should consider if you are in this boat is this: You are likely an educated, highly-skilled individual, who has grown to live past the age of 30-years old. If you are not able to afford the small amount of funds necessary to create your own home based business today, and you continue to do the same things that you've always done, then when WILL you be able to afford to make this move?

I just wanted to kick this morning off with a brief note of encouragement. Like you, I also grew up being trained to work a nine-to-five, and to place all of my dependency, hopes for my future, and future trust in employers. However, I reached a point where I realized that I wanted something more. I wanted more control. I wanted more freedom. I wanted to take OWNERSHIP of something.

I am ABSOLUTELY not knocking the idea of working a full-time job.  What I am doing, however, is introducing you to the concept of working on your job by day, and working on your DREAM by night. Most people are CAUGHT between their dreams and their jobs. The idea of working a job for 30 years, retiring, and then receiving a pen and a 401K plan, is simply no longer realistic in this unstable economy.

Again, this is simply information for you to consider in your free time. If the information within this article makes sense to you, and you are READY, and INTERESTED in taking CONTROL of your future, creating the life that you and your children DESERVE, and in taking OWNERSHIP of your financial well-being, then don't HESITATE to contact me at wizzo02us@yahoo.com, so that WE can get you started RIGHT AWAY.

"If you live for weekends and vacations, then it is time to admit that your system is broken, and that you are in need of a different approach to life."-unknown

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