Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Underpaid, Underutilized, Unappreciated, & EXPENDABLE

 If you are one of the millions of Americans feeling underpaid in your current job, then you are likely also being underutilized in your current job.  If you are being underutilized in your current job, then chances are that you're also unappreciated at your current job.  If you are unappreciated at your job, then you are also EXPENDABLE. This means that if and when your employer should decide to make cuts, yours will be one of the first positions to go. Do I have your attention now? Great. Let's proceed.

Employees who find themselves being underpaid, underutilized, unappreciated, and EXPENDABLE in their current positions are really left with one of three options, and later on in this blog, I will cover each of these options in a more thorough fashion. The options are as follows:
  1. Maintain the current course until your number (for downsizing) is officially called
  2. Go to work IMMEDIATELY obtaining certifications, and/or JOB SPECIFIC skills that will enable you to be more marketable, and qualified to serve in positions that add value to the company
  3. Join a home based business opportunity that allows you to build passive income that matches your job income, and can serve as a "Plan B" in the event of a lay-off.
I will now address each of these three options, and to attempt to present information that may prove to be valuable as you are navigating the decision making process.

Maintain Your Status & Hope that it works out

The unemployment rate in our country currently sits at around 8.1%.  This number is a much higher 14.1% rate for African-Americans.  Recent studies have revealed that roughly 65% of U.S. residents have less than $1,000 in savings.  These studies have also shown that an estimated 45-55% of Americans are currently living check-to-check.

At the base of these factual figures, lies an issue of much greater concern.  Individuals who live check-to-check are in essence, one or two missed paychecks away from being homeless. I am sure that by now you've heard of a game called Russian Roulette. This is a game where participants take turns placing a gun to their heads, and pulling the trigger, HOPING that the bullet does not exit the chamber, resulting in the immediate loss of life.

As you can probably imagine, in choosing option #1, this is precisely the case for the millions of Americans, who sit idly by, placing all of their stock and security in the coming November elections.  The question then becomes: Are you willing to risk the security of your children and your future, by simply showing up to your job each day, where you are clearly viewed and perhaps even treated as the weak link; knowing that at any point, your number could be drawn, and your job could be eliminated? This naturally leads us to option #2.

Acquire New Job Specific Skills

We are currently living in a very technological age. As a result, many of the opportunities being posted with your current employer for job advancement will require job specific skills. These skills may include using computer programs such as: Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, SAP, Lotus Notes, etc, along with various drafting programs, and/or advanced machinery, depending upon your particular occupation.

Our country currently has millions of unemployed college graduates.  There are an unlimited number of factors that could potentially be impacting the unemployment numbers for college graduates, but one of the bigger factors is the lack of "job specific training." It is no longer enough to simply possess a college degree.  Employers are now looking for "specific" skills that can be transferred into the work place.

In order to go with the option of adding to your marketability, and/or job skills, there are a number of factors that must be taken into consideration. Factors such as: target occupation, location of training, cost of training, time needed to complete training, job outlook for newly acquired certifications, degrees, etc.

If after conducting research in this area, you should find that your training can be completed in an easily accessible fashion, you are able to cover the cost of the training, and there is a high probability of your landing a more advanced position upon the completion of your training; then this would certainly be a very viable option. This leaves us with one last choice to consider, and that is option #3.

Create a Home Based Business

"If I had to do it all over again, rather than build an old style type of business, I would have started building a network marketing business"-Robert Kiyosaski, Investor, Entrepreneur and Best-selling Author

There are literally BILLIONS of dollars exchanging hands on an annual basis via various direct sales/home based business opportunities.  There are literally endless opportunities in the direct sales arena. Companies like Visalus, Herbalife, Mary Kay, Primerica, and 5Linx, are just a few examples of the companies that are thriving in the direct sales industry.

According to recent studies, roughly 72% of the females in America who are earning six-figure annual salaries are currently operating in the direct sales/network marketing industry.  This is an industry that does not require educational credentials, and/or certifications.  The success or failure of those who participate in the industry is solely based upon personal effort. High school dropouts have earned millions in the industry, and individuals with Ph.D's have failed miserably in the industry.

By now you should be anxious to present the following question: "With the myriad of opportunities across the land, how does one go about settling upon one particular opportunity?" For this, I would tell you to identify a product or a service that YOU can truly believe in, and become passionate about. The desire to merely earn income should not be the focal point of your decision.

If you're a fan of saving lives, and of assisting friends and family members with obtaining better health; then Health & Weight Loss may be a field of interest. If you would like to save friends and family members money on cell-phone bills, then Telecommunications may be your ideal fit. If you have a vast number of female friends who are heavily into perfumes and soaps, then Beauty products may be your particular area of interest.

The beauty of this (direct sales) industry, is that you can get started today on a part-time basis, and this allows you the luxury of building your home based business, while also maintaining what little security you may have left on your full-time job.

I certainly hope that this information has been helpful to you.  My deepest wish is that you would prosper physically, financially, and in your career of choice.  I would encourage you to get started today. Bank of America recently announced the lay-offs of 16,000 underpaid, underutilized, unappreciated, and EXPENDABLE employees. Don't let this happen to you!

p.s. If you're interested in earning $1,000-$3,000 per month, while working from home on a very part-time basis, then I can be reached either by phone at (517) 262-5691, or by email at: wizzo02us@yahoo.com

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