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The #1 Killer of New Network Marketers: The "Waiting Game."

If you're new to the network marketing industry, then by now you've been through the training, and the individual who sponsored you has instructed you to create a list of your closest friends and family members.  You came away from that training FIRED UP, and I'm sure that you must have just been EXCITED prior to ATTACKING the phones with zeal, ENERGY, and visions of SPLENDOR!

Then it happened. What do I mean by "IT?" Well, reality started to sink in. Most of your friends and family members did not want to hear about the product, and/or service that you were selling, and the ones who were open to hearing about it did not have the money necessary to buy in.

So now as you're reading this, you're on the verge of panic, and you're searching all OVER the place for answers! This was NOT the dream that sold you on buying into the business. The plan all along was to drop a few hundred bucks, and to then mesmerize a few of your contacts over the phone with the BEST PRODUCT OR SERVICE ON THE PLANET; and to then return to your childhood neighborhood THE FOLLOWING WEEK, in a shiny new Ashton Martin.

So there you are now, scanning this blog, and thinking, "Dude, get to the main point. Tell me how to get that Ashton Martin by next Tuesday!"  Well, I have some good news, and some bad news. Which would you like to hear first?  Let's go with the bad news, and then we can just work our way up from there. That is of course, IF you have the time that will be necessary to complete thie reading of this document. Keep in mind that the shiny european ride waits for NO man, and that the lottery booth is just around the corner from your place!

Okay, so first for the bad news: You AIN'T gettin a new Ashton Martin next Tuesday! :)  I figured that I would just cut the cat's tail off in one swipe, as opposed to painfully snipping away inch after inch. Contrary to popular belief, network marketing takes time, effort, and patience.

The good news is that you absolutely CAN have that Ashton Martin, or any other luxury ride out there, IF you are willing to take the proper steps, DURING your waiting period. What am I referring to by "waiting period?" Well, the moment that your friends and family members hung up the phone with you, after listening to your presentation, each of the individuals that you called, turned around and called one another! Now that's not the part that sucks. This is: these individuals then placed running bets on just how long you would stick this thing out, prior to quitting, and showing up with a new flavor of the month!

So its your job to prove each and every single one of them wrong. You WILL NOT do this by quitting, and bouncing around to a bunch of other companies, seeking that JACKPOT opportunity! You will do this by committing yourself to the discovery of new methods to obtain leads, and to generate interest in your business.

Now I am going to provide you with a few ideas here, and then I'll leave you with the ability to analyze each of these suggestions, and/or avenues, to determine which ones work for you. Do not make the mistake of developing harsh feelings against the friends and family members that have rejected you. These people will come back to you at a later date. I'll have more on this in a bit. People tend to reject that which they do not know or understand. Most people who have never taken part in the mlm industry, do NOT understand what the industry is really about.

So from here I will leave you with a few suggestions for steps that you can take, if you do not have the luxury of having a large circle of influence, or a warm market that is willing to invest in your business.

Be a product of the product

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you're going to push a weight loss product, then you had better be in good shape yourself, OR in the process of losing weight by using your own products! You will serve as a walking model for your product.

If you're going to pedal really COOL telecommunication devices with video phone options, etc; well then be SURE to not only use your own products, but to do so in the presence of friends and family members. This will attract these individuals to you, and curiosity usually kills the cat!

Market your products on Facebook

One of the more creative ways to market your opportunity is by posting videos and/or photos of YOURSELF, using your products, and/or services on YOUR personal facebook page. I have written a separate blog that teaches more on facebook marketing, and you can find that article in my archives. The bottom-line is that if you're not marketing your products and services on YOUR page (and not just in network marketing groups), then you are literally leaving THOUSANDS of dollars on the table.

Meet new people

"Well Winslow, how do I go about meeting new people?" Get out into your COMMUNITY. Remember this, you are now involved in the NETWORK MARKETING business. It all starts with "networking." Volunteer at your local hospitals, colleges, or YMCA's. Join local business clubs. Go to your local Toastmaster's, and meet business leaders there, while also developing your presentation skills, etc. Expand your network to a new circle of people, outside of your immediate circle of influence.

Use other social media outlets

Gang, there are literally MILLIONS of people on Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook, along with various online business support groups. Utilize social media to your advantage. Connect with leaders in your company via social media. Seek out the advice and expertise of these leaders. Understand that these individuals have gone through the waiting game, just as you are now! These individuals stuck it out, and they are now top earners!

Work on self-development

I can't stress enough, the value of viewing videos on self-development, and reading books that will assist in your personal growth as a leader in your particular industry. There are books on network marketing, lead generation, personal branding, self-image, etc. Read these books, and use the information within these books to your advantage. Use this waiting period to develop your weaknesses, and to grow into the person that will ultimately produce those dream results that you had when you initially joined your current opportunity.

Benefits for those who survive the wait

You will notice funny things happening with each month that you stick this thing out. Soon you'll be earning $500-$1,000 per month, and you'll have some expendable cash.  From there, you will go on to earning $2,000-$4,000 per month. At that point, you'll be considering new cars, exotic vacations, etc. As you continue to stick this thing out, and as you begin to produce the results of effort and patience, then those friends and family members who originally turned their noses up at you, will start to reappear.

Oh believe me when I tell you that if you stick it out, they will come. 65% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings, and research demonstrates that roughly 45% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. So your friends and family members NEED your opportunity. Your friends and family members have PRAYED for an opportunity like yours. However, it is now up to YOU to stick it out, and to serve as that shining example that this business WORKS!

At this time, I would like to wrap up by wishing you the absolute best of luck in your future business endeavors. I KNOW that you want this! I KNOW that you've created a MASSIVE vision board. I also KNOW that at this very moment, you're wondering if you may have made a mistake by ever getting started in this business! Stick it out! The wait will be well worth it in the end.

p.s. If you're interested in earning $1,000-$3,000 per month from home on a very part-time basis, then you can reach me directly either by phone at (517) 262-5691, or by email at: Thanks for stopping by. I'll see you on the beaches of the world!

Winslow Willis

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