Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rejection vs. Objections, and How To Respond to Objections

Rejection-The act of dismissing something; refusing to accept or to acknowledge something;

Objection-The act of challenging or disagreeing with something; sales resistance.

As promoters of the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge, we will inevitably meet with both rejection, as well as objection (s). It is very important that we understand how to clearly identify the difference in the two. Why is this? The #1 fear in America is said to be Public Speaking, but in actuality, this #1 fear is rejection.

This (rejection) is the fear that keeps young boys from dating in grade school. This is the fear that causes students to pass on applying to attend certain colleges. This is the fear that has 67% of Americans working in the wrong career fields. This is also the fear that is largely responsible for the turnover ratios in most sales related businesses.

So for the purpose of this blog post, I would like to focus our attention on OBjections. Objections are much more subtle than rejections, but are often mistaken for the former. When a customer rejects what you're selling, then he/she is saying outright that they ARE NOT interested in buying! However, when a customer presents an objection, this is simply the customers way of telling you that they are in need of more information prior to reaching a final decision.

Fortunately in our business of promoting the challenge, most individuals who object can be converted into sales when presented with the proper information, and many of the individuals who actually reject the challenge, end up coming back, and joining days, weeks, and in some cases, months down the road.

Although potential customers, and/or promoters could possibly present a wide variety of objections; there are really only three or four common objections that we will be presented with from the majority of the individuals who are not ready to jump on board after receiving our information.

Prior to sharing these scripts that can be used when responding to customer objections, I would like to point out that at this point, the individuals that you are speaking to should have already made their way through our sales funnel. This means that these individuals should have already viewed the challenge videos (part 1 & part 2), listened to the vi-line, and hopefully attended a challenge party. If the individual does not live in your area, and this dialogue is taking place via phone, or internet; be sure to expose him/her to at least two tools prior to reaching this closing point.

So from this point forward, I am going to list some of the more common objections, along with scripted responses that you can use when responding to each one. I'll start first from the perspective of speaking to CUSTOMERS. In each of these examples, (O) will serve as the symbol for "objection" and (R) will be your response.

O. "Thanks, but I'm already using (fill in meal replacement drink; SlimFast, etc)
R. "That's great. The best thing about our shakes is that they have less than one gram of sugar per shake. Our shakes are actually great for diabetics. Have you had the opportunity to check out the sugar content of your shakes?"

O. "I can't afford it."
R. "You are going to be eating breakfast and lunch each day for the next 90 days regardless. Our shakes are going to replace each of those meals at an average cost of $1.87 per shake. So you'll actually be saving money. We also offer an excellent 3-for-free program, which allows you to refer three people to the challenge, and to receive free kits from that point forward."

O. "What are the ingredients? Is this stuff even safe to drink?"
R. DO NOT go into rattling off ingredients at this point! The customer does not care about your ingredients. This is simply a stall tactic! Always remember that facts TELL, and stories SELL. You are SELLING. So here is your response: "I can email you a list of the ingredients. However, I know that my friend (insert name) has lost (x number of pounds) on the challenge, and she has tons of energy. There are now more than 150,000 people joining each month, just by word of mouth advertising."

O. "Do I have to exercise? What happens when I stop drinking the shakes. Will I get fat again?"
R. "You do not HAVE to exercise. However, each new challenge member receives a meal plan, as well as an exercise plan, in addition to our kits. The idea is to teach you how to eat healthy meals and to create an active lifestyle. This way, when your challenge is over, you can stick to your new healthy eating style, along with a more active lifestyle, and you will maintain your losses."

Keep in mind guys, that this entire process becomes MUCH easier in a challenge party setting, where you can simply blend shakes, play videos, and then ask if your guests are 1's, 2's, or 3's. We are NOT encouraging you to do away with gst. I am simply providing this information as a supplement to our system. I will now move along to objections from potential promoters.

O. "I don't know anybody"
R. "No problem. Our company actually has a phenomenal system that will assist you with creating your first list of 25 names. Remember that you only need to sign your first three people, and things will just snowball from there."

O. "Sorry. I've tried network marketing with several companies before, and I've failed each time."
R. "It's funny to hear you say that because, (insert name of upline) had that same experience prior to joining Visalus. Now as a result of using our simple system, he/she has reached the top of our pay plan. Just a sec, I would like for you to hear his/her story." (Stop at this point, and dial that person up on three-way).

O. "I'm just too busy for this right now. I would not have time for it."
R. "I can completely understand that. You're actually a prime target for our business, because when you're busy, this means that you know people, and the more people that you know, the easier promoting the challenge will be for you."

O. "I can't afford it."
R. "I can completely understand that. (insert story) "My friend (insert name from upline) did not have the money to get started. He/she actually borrowed the money. Fast forward to today, and he/she is a six-figure earner, driving a free bmw."

I will note here that providing these responses will not necessarily translate into IMMEDIATE sales. Some people need time to allow things to process. This is NOT a pressure sale. However, when you have scripted responses prepared for the objections that WILL COME, this allows you to maintain control of the conversation, AND this also allows you to avoid the habit of mistaking OBJECTIONS for REJECTION.

I certainly hope that this information has been of some benefit to you. If you have additional questions, you can reach me directly at, or by phone at 517-262-5691. Good luck with your business.

Winslow Willis

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