Sunday, September 30, 2012

How To Have Your Best Year Yet

I serve as a Supply Operations Coordinator for the largest utility corporation in Michigan, in my full-time position. As was previously mentioned, the company is HUGE, and consists of thousands of employees, and a variety of departments. Each department specializes in a different work area.

Over the course of the past few years, I found myself aspiring to advance in the company, but failing to have any real luck in achieving my career goals. So I started connecting with other employees, airing out my dissatisfaction with my slow advancement, and seeking out their advice.

It has been said that "You are what you attract." Sure enough, it appeared that I was attracting every negative, miserable, unhappy co-worker in the company, because each time that I shared my negative stories, the individuals that I spoke to shared views that were much more negative than my own.

So over a period of time, I found myself taking on the same negative attitudes, and confrontational dispositions of many of the individuals that I had spoken to. I started to believe that I would never advance in the company, that no one cared about me, and that I was in a dead end job.

I found myself slacking a bit in my performance, and that burning fire of DESIRE & PASSION that had been a normal part of me prior to this period, was no longer there. There were at least a couple of occasions where I actually considered the idea of quitting my job, and seeking employment with different companies.

At the start of this year, I lucked up, and had a chance encounter with a woman who had just received a promotion to an executive position, which included a six-figure salary, and a great deal of prestige. I called this woman upon receiving the news of her advancement. I told her about my personal struggles, and I asked her to share with me how she had managed to achieve this high level of success in the company.

She said, "Winslow, I looked at Oprah Winfrey, and I said to myself that if Oprah (being an African-American female), could establish a brand, and build that brand up into a billion dollar business, then CERTAINLY I (also being an African-American female), could establish myself as a brand, and earn a six-figure salary with this company.

"So how did you do it" I asked. She said, "Well the first thing that I did was I separated myself from all of the negative people who made excuses, felt sorry for themselves, and used issues such as race, sex, etc, for their personal failures. I eliminated each of these factors as excuses, right from the jump. I started coming in early each day, and staying late each night.

I volunteered to serve on committees that provided exposure to members of senior management, and once I was on these committees, I did not just sit around. I established myself as a leader with valuable opinions and input with every given opportunity. This is how I advanced in the company, and if you do these same things, then this is how you will advance in the company. Do NOT allow ANYONE to tell you anything different."

I walked away from that conversation a changed man. I made a new commitment to being the absolute best at my job. I came in early, and I stayed late. I performed far above and beyond the required objectives of my job. I accepted the position of Chairman of a leadership committee, which resulted in my conducting several presentations to senior leaders within the corporation. I went to work establishing the brand "Winslow."

Just a few months after making this switch in my THINKING, my attitude, my approach, and my commitment; I applied for, and was offered a promotion, with a massive pay raise. Now here is the best part: I received a phone call from my supervisor's supervisor, telling me that HE had highly endorsed me to the hiring manager for my new position. He added that if I ever needed a mentor within the organization, that he would love to sign on as my personal mentor.

As you can imagine, I was literally BLOWN AWAY! It is AMAZING how negative communications with negative individuals who are failing for a number of  PERSONAL reasons can pollute our minds, sabatoge our performance, and cause us to miss out on opportunities to grow, to advance, and to perform at our absolute best; both in business, and in life.

Network Marketing Application

We are obviously in the business of network marketing, and so naturally, you're wondering what the heck this story has to do with you. Allow me to explain. You have joined a network marketing team and organization. Your future and that of both your corporate partner AND your team are linked. The corporation that you're with, AND the team that sponsored you would BOTH love to see you succeed.

Thus it is important that both sides establish and maintain good relationships, based upon mutual understanding, trust, respect, and loyalty. Each corporation is unique with it's own culture, products, plan, track record, and role models; all of which are living proof that the system works. From day one, you have access to this MASSIVE reservoir of resources. Seize this advantage.

You may not like everything that your corporate partner, and/or that your team does. Remember that there are THOUSANDS of individuals in both your company, as well as your team. Each of these individuals has different needs, skill sets, ambitions, circumstances, etc. It is unrealistic to expect EVERYTHING to fit your individual needs.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing is that we each focus on following the systems that are set in place within our organizations, AND that we cultivate good relationships with each member of our individual teams. If you wish to have a negative conversation, then you'd best believe that it will not be difficult to find a pile of losers, parked on the side of the road, just anxious for the opportunity to bring you down.

You will notice that the individuals who are following the system, making money, and breaking ranks are never taking part in these negative discussions. It is only when we attempt to re-invent the wheel, or we become idle, that the finger-pointing begins, and we find ourselves taking on negative attitudes, failing, and blaming others for our failures.

The Challenge

I woke up EXCITED this morning, and I'm looking forward to CRUSHING the month of October. I would like to issue a challenge to you this morning. You may not even be a part of Visalus, but this approach is GUARANTEED to produce success with ANY company within the network marketing industry.

I am going to leave you with a few suggestions for steps that you can take that will assure your success. I am making this journey with you, and October is IN FOR IT! So here are the steps that you will need to commit to, in order to make this (October) your best month yet:
  1. Work the system. If your company has PBR's, then book PBR's. If your company has challenge parties, then book challenge parties. Work the system to perfection for the month of October.
    2.   Be a leader. Take complete control of your business, and accept total responsibility for your team's results. Establish goals, as well as a plan of action for achieving those goals at the start of the month. This way, if you should fall short of those goals, you'll be able to go back to your planned actions steps, to identify why you may have fallen short.

    3.   If you need help, then ask for help. You should have the numbers for each member in your upline. These individuals are leading massive teams, and so it can be difficult at times, to identify who needs what. Grab a phone, and make a call. DO NOT allow the notion of "Nobody cares about me" to enter your head. This will sap your energy, and kill your business.

    4.  Stay plugged in. We all have the desire to feel like we're a part of something.  The best way to do this, is to stay plugged in. Jump on the team calls. Interact on the team website. Interact with teammates on Facebook.  ATTEND EVENTS. Stay plugged IN. When you feel like you're a part of things, then you can feed off of the positive energy of your teammates, which will propel you to success.

    5.  Stay busy. An idle mind is the playground for negative thoughts and IMAGINATIONS! Dedicate a block of time each day to working your business. This includes: posting ads on facebook, making phone calls, hosting parties or PBR's, sending out email marketing campaigns, etc.

Positive Energy

Last but not least guys; connect with positive individuals within your organization. You will not run into very many negative, depressed, angry, finger-pointing top income earners in your company. So seek out successful individuals. Seek out positive individuals. Seek out individuals who can catch you when negativity strikes, and PICK YOU UP with POSITIVE reinforcement!

Watch positive videos. Read positive books. Have positive conversations! Do not fall victim to the water cooler. The only things located near the water cooler are water, cups, and finger-pointing failures. We are on our way to MASSIVE success, and we will need all of the positive input that we can find, in order to complete this mission!!! Thanks for taking the time to check out the blog. Much continued success!

p.s. If you're interested in earning $1,000-$3,000 from home on a very part-time basis, then please feel free to contact me directly by phone at (517) 262-5691, or by email at


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