Friday, September 28, 2012

Facebook Marketing Tip: People Do Business With Those Who They KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST

Facebook seems like the perfect place for marketing a business.  Afterall, at any point in the day, we can jump online and pedal our products and services to hundreds and even thousands of people simultaneously. So why is it that your advertising via Facebook is receiving very little in the way of positive reviews, and next to nothing with regards to actual sales?

For years we have heard the saying that "People buy from those who they know, like, and trust." So what exactly does this mean, and how does this relate to you and your business.  Well to fully understand this, we will first have to come up with clear definitions for each of the terms mentioned here: know, like, and trust.

Know-Recognize; be familiar with; to be aware of through observation, inquiry, or information

Like-Find attraction toward; to find agreeable, enjoyable, or satisfactory

Trust-Firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone; to have faith or confidence. Now that we have clearly defined the meanings behind each of these terms, as listed in the dictionary; let's delve into each one, to develop a clear understanding of how they could be potentially impacting your Facebook marketing efforts, for better...or for worse.


You're on Facebook, and so naturally your next question has to be, "Winslow, how would I go about establishing relationships, or allowing people to 'know' me on Facebook?" Well, you've heard that first impressions are lasting impressions.

Well this absolutely applies in matters concerning your Facebook page.Whether you realize it or not, people are observing everything that you post on Facebook, and these people are forming opinions of you. People will primarily form their general opinions of you, based upon each of the following factors: photos, associations, posts, and the general mood behind your posts.

Photos-These are HUGE! Ideally, you will want to include photos that include travel, shopping, family, fun, and EXCITEMENT! People enjoy following and connecting with those who lead active and positive lives. Its also good to include photos of success stories in your primary business.

Associations-Connect with the leaders or the higher-ups in your business. When friends and family members observe your interactions with successful individuals, this adds to your credibility.

Posts-NEVER make negative posts on Facebook. If you're having a crappy day, then post your crappy thoughts in your personal diary! The goal for your Facebook page is to be the symbol of positive energy, and emotional stability.

Mood-Again, the idea here is to promote POSITIVE ENERGY! Customers, and/or promoters will be attracted to your ENERGY & MOOD first, and your business second.


So what attracts people to your page, and causes them to "like" you as a person? It all starts and ends with a positive attitude. The fastest way to create enemies is to mix religion and politics into your Facebook posts.  Am I encouraging you to deny your faith, or to be ashamed of your religion? Absolutely not. What I AM doing, is telling you to hold off on condemning those who do not share your same views.

You should also get into the habit of engaging in dialogue with individuals who visit your page. Make a point to respond to EVERY person that visits your page. If your response is nothing more than "liking" a comment that was posted on one of your photos, this sends a message to your guests, and that message is: "YOU ARE IMPORTANT!"

People want to feel "important," and if you can develop the skill of making people feel this way each and every time that they visit your page, then they will naturally like you. If you come off as an arrogant prick, who only responds to certain people, and tells everyone else to take a hike; well then you will have a very difficult time attracting people to your business.

This leaves us with this issue of trust.  I'm going to provide you with two names, and you tell me who you would trust more with babysitting your kids: Marilyn Manson, and Joel Olsteen. Which would you be more apt to hiring for a babysitting assignment?

Common sense would provoke a response of, " Joel Olsteen, OF COURSE," right? Well in actuality, we know very little about Joel Olsteen or Marilyn Manson, outside of the images that they project on our television screens. For all that we know, Joel Olsteen could be a closet felon, and Marilyn Manson could be PERFECT at his core.

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to Facebook, perception is reality. So in essence, the best way to earn the trust of those who you are connecting with on Facebook is to establish a positive, successful image, and to maintain a level of behavior that supports your image.

Customers are attracted to EXCITING, POSITIVE, ENTHUSIASTIC people. Promoters or business partners are attracted to leaders. One of the best ways to establish yourself as a leader, is to provide useful information, that others can use in their businesses.

You can establish this presence as a leader by blogging, posting videos of YOURSELF, making status entries that display a certain level of knowledge and productivity, etc.  The bottom-line is that people are watching you, and many of these people will not ever comment on your page, UNTIL they have formed an opinion of you, and are then ready to invest in your business.


Well I certainly hope that this information has been of some benefit to you. I am extremely excited about my primary business opportunity. There are a number of promoters and companies currently being advertised on Facebook. By applying the steps suggested here, you will separate yourself from the majority of your competitors.
Thanks for taking time to check out my blog, and remember that people do business with those who they KNOW, LIKE, & TRUST. Keep this in mind as you're making posts on your page moving forward, and I will see you at THE TOP!

p.s. If you're interested in earning income from home, please feel free to contact me either by email at:, or by phone at (517) 262-5691

Winslow Willis

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