Sunday, February 10, 2013

Would You Like To Sponsor More Partners Into Your Business? Change Your Attitude, Your Outlook, and Your Approach

Here is a quote that you hear OFTEN from new partners in network marketing: "I'm having quite a bit of luck with signing customers, but most of my friends and family members would never be interested in becoming business partners."

Do you know why most of your friends would never be interested in becoming partners in your business? This is simply due to the fact that you keep walking around and telling yourself that most of your friends would never be interested in becoming partners in your business. So as a result, you create EXCITEMENT and ENERGY with regards to your product, and/or service, but then you become nonchalant, and disconnected when the topic of "promoting" hits the table.

I had an experience about a week ago, that only confirmed this infomation. I received a call from a promoter who was not on my team, asking me to contact a friend, to sell this friend on becoming a promoter. So I called the friend, and by the time the conversation ended, this individual was bouncing up and down in her chair, and ready to join.

She said to me, "OH MY GOD!! I wish that I could have talked to you sooner. Your attitude about promoting the challenge is SO MUCH MORE EXCITING than my friend. My friend seemed to be very negative about it, and she didn't have much energy at all. I had actually decided to pass on becoming a promoter, but now that I've talked to YOU, I can't WAIT to get started!!!"

So the following Friday rolled around, and I contacted the promoter who was already in the business, to ask her if she had heard from this friend. She told me that she had not heard from the friend, but that she did notice that her friend was posting about our company on her page!!!

So I called her friend back, and I said, "Hey, are you ready to get started?" She said, "I joined earlier today, but I joined under a friend that lives in my city. If I could have been on your team, then I would have joined with you, but I just could not join under someone with no excitement, belief, or ENERGY about the challenge, and I wouldn't feel right joining under you, with the two of you being associated!!!!"

Take this to heart, and understand that people are drawn to ENERGY and EXCITEMENT! Stop focusing on the fear of rejection, start-up costs, and all of the possible negative responses that you might receive, and approach prospects with BELIEF in whatever it is that you're doing. You will notice a DRASTIC change in your results.

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