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According to recent statistics, 80% of all new businesses fail within the first two years of operations. There are any number of reasons, as to why businesses tend to fail within this initial time period. Some of these reasons may include: poor training, lack of support, poor management, lack of capital, etc.

The purpose of this post is to share a four-step process that individuals who are new to the arena of network marketing can take, in order to ensure the achievement of long-term success. The four steps covered within this post will include:

1. Make a DECISION
4. Exercise PATIENCE


There are literally THOUSANDS of network marketing/direct sales opportunities in America. There are also an ENDLESS number of products, and/or services that new business partners entering the business of network marketing can choose from, with regards to establishing income from home. These products include: coffee, energy drinks, health & beauty products, telecommunication products, marketing products, etc.

The decision to join a particular network marketing company should involve a well-thought-out process that includes researching the various companies, the products and services offered, compensation plans, incentive programs, etc. 

Once armed with the necessary information, it would also be wise for prospective business partners to contact individuals that are already promoting the products, and/or services that have attracted their interest in the business. These individuals will be in position to answer questions, and to provide additional information about these companies, that may not be readily available online.


Once this discovery process has been completed, and the necessary contacts have been established; if these individuals should make the DECISION to join a particular company, then this decision MUST involve an absolute COMMITMENT!

Why is this commitment important? This is important, due to the fact that new opportunities will be presented on a daily basis, and a half-hearted commitment will produce half-hearted results, as well as a complete lack of focus.

Every company has a system that is to be used in the business of promoting it's products and/or services.  These systems may range from business receptions to house parties, and any number of additional business formats. If you DECIDE to join a particular company, then you would only be doing yourself a disservice in trying to promote the business, without following the "established" system.

COMMIT to working your business for a set number of hours each week. COMMIT to making a set number of phone calls each day. COMMIT to presenting your opportunity to a set number of people each day. Most importantly, COMMIT to focusing EXCLUSIVELY upon ONE opportunity, as opposed to trying your hand in several opportunities simutaneously, resulting in simultaneous mediocrity! Although this business of direct sale does present opportunities for the establishment of wealth, by no means is this a "get rich quick" scheme. EFFORT will be involved!!


I teach business courses in the evenings for a variety of colleges and universities. The average dropout rate for first year students attending community colleges is something like 70-80%. The reason behind these ENORMOUS dropout rates is simply the fact that these students have failed to make the "mental" transition from high school to college.

Many of these students have the intelligence necessary to graduate from college. Most of these students have the desire to improve their lives by earning degrees, and increasing their marketability. The problem is that unlike high school, if you skip class in college, you are not likely to receive phone calls from instructors. If you put forth a pathetic effort with homework assignments, you're not likely to receive motivational speeches from instructors. Once you have paid the cost of your tuition, MOST instructors expect and DEMAND personal accountability, and if you wish to be a failure, then they will absolutely grant you this wish.

This same "mental" transition is necessary when individuals who have been EMPLOYEES for the bulk of their lives make the decision to become ENTREPRENEURS in the area of network marketing. Employees are required to track working hours. Employees are required to follow company policies. Employees are required to meet production numbers. Employees must deal on a daily basis with the fear of disciplinary action, and/or termination for poor performance.

This is NOT the situation with a homebased BUSINESS. When you submit your initial start-up fees, from this moment forward, you are in fact a business OWNER. You will have an outstanding team behind you, and individuals who are willing to support you, and to assist you with the achievement of your goals. However, if you choose to spend all of your time sitting on your butt, and eating Twinkies, then you will not have a BOSS that is in a position to discipline you, or to terminate you.

You will need to maintain a constant awareness of the reason behind your initial decision to join your opportunity. What was the situation or the set of circumstances that motivated you to take action? Would you like to create a college fund for your children? Would you like to earn a new vehicle for your family? Would you like to match your full-time income, and eventually leave your job? Would you like to stop living paycheck to paycheck? NEVER lose sight of this REASON or your WHY, as THIS will be the ONLY thing that holds you accountable for producing on a consistent basis.

This is YOUR business. YOU are responsible for your results. YOU have the ability to dictate your monthly income. YOU will ultimately dictate YOUR success or failure.  One of the biggest mistakes that you can make would be to join a network marketing OPPORTUNITY, and to then sit back on your heels, expecting the individual who sponsored you into the business to feed you. The role of your sponsor is to introduce you to the business, to provide SUPPORT as needed, and to work IN CONJUNCTION with YOU in the pursuit of your goals. The role of your sponsor stops HERE!


Written goals will serve as the engine that propels your business.  You will be in position to determine the rate at which to build your business.  The most effective way to utilize goal-setting in the area of network marketing, is to start by establishing long-term goals, and to then work your way backwards, in order to establish the level of activities that will be necessary on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis.

Ex. Tim's goal is to produce $20,000 in revenues for the month of March. The average (good) challenge party in Tim's opportunity produces $2,000 in revenues. This means that Tim's TEAM would need to produce 10 good parties within the month of March. A good party usually involves the attendance of 10-15 guests.  Drawing 10-15 guests to a challenge party usually requires 50 phone calls. This means that Tim's team would need to produce 500 phone calls within the month of March, in order to reach his desired objective of $20,000 in revenues.

When you observe individuals in your business with CRAZY success stories (Ex. John reached the TOP RANK IN THE COMPANY within 44 days, etc), understand that these individuals have been involved in the business for YEARS, and are usually surrounded by very experienced networkers, with very extensive lists of contacts. Do not make the mistake of comparing YOUR story to that of the STARS with YEARS of experience in the industry.

Establish your own personal goals, and then compare your production ONLY to the goals that you have established for yourself and for your team. You may not explode overnight. However, if you will commit to utilizing your company's system, as well as to working your business on a CONSISTENT basis; success will be your ultimate end.

I do hope that this four-step process proves to be of some value to you in your network marketing opportunity. You do not have to become a statistic in this business. Will there be challenges? Absolutely. Will there be setbacks? Absolutely. However, anything that is worth having in life requires resilience, focus, diligence, and most important: PATIENCE!! I will see you at the TOP!!!!

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