Friday, January 25, 2013

Clean Your Colon. Extend Your Life.

I would like to start this entry by sharing the fact that I am feeling like a MILLION BUCKS!!! The purpose of this blog entry is to educate my friends and family members on the importance of maintaining colon health. I will start by sharing some of the symptoms that influenced my decision to move forward with colon irrigation. From there I will share my personal irrigation experience, and I will end this entry by sharing more information on colon health.

Why Colon Irrigation

I work out five times each week. As a result of my efforts in the gym, I am now stronger, and in better shape than I can ever recall being, at least over the course of the past decade. So why would a guy who is the "picture" of perfect health be in need of colon irrigation?

I am going to list a series of symptoms that I was personally experiencing, and I will share with you that this LIST of symptoms influenced my decision to sign up for the process of colon irrigation. My symptoms included:
          * headaches
          * fatigue
          * bloating
          * flatulence
          * elevated blood pressure
          * frequent constipation
          * occasional back pain
          * mood swings
          * clouded thinking
          * swollen abdomen

In addition to the symptoms listed above, there are a myriad of additional health concerns that may be traced directly back to a congested colon. These symptoms include: joint pain, skin problems, bad breath, hemorrhoids, sore throat, depression, anxiety & worrying, sinus and lung conditions, decreased libido, etc.

Prior to signing up for the process, I was considering a number of additional alternatives.  However, upon seeking the medical advice of my doctor, as well as several local pharmacists; I was able to reach an informed conclusion on the idea of colon irrigation being much more effective than other measures.

I value my health, and I take negative signs from my body VERY seriously. Add to this the fact that I have had a number of friends pass prematurely as a result of neglecting colon health, and one can see why I made the decision to go forward with the process.

The Process

The video posted above provides a visual illustration of what is to be expected during your colon irrigation process.  This process is very simple, but the results are nothing short of FASCINATING! I would encourage each of my friends to consider undergoing this process. I will now share with each of you my personal experience.
Upon arriving for my appointment this evening on January 25th, 2013, the specialist had me complete several written forms.  These forms had questions about my medical history, as well as any previous health complications that I or my family may have experienced.

Once my forms were complete, my specialist (Karen) guided me upstairs, where the actual irrigation process was to take place. Karen then explained that I would need to undress, and that I would then be able to complete my own insertion of the small tube that would later be used to flush various liquids (water, organic coffee, etc) into my body. Karen then exited the room for the completion of this initial process.

Once undressed and sufficiently covered, I alerted Karen to the fact that I was then ready for her to re-enter the room. Upon her return, Karen started the process of flushing water into my body. She explained that I could release, whenever I felt the urge to do so.

The entire process lasted just 50 minutes. Throughout the process, Karen was able to monitor the materials and fluids leaving my body, and through her expertise, she was also able to inform me of the various parts of my body being flushed (liver, kidney, etc), based upon the coloring of the materials.

Prior to leaving the house for my appointment, I stepped on the scale, and the scale read 279lbs.  When I returned home, I stood on the scale once again, and the scale read 270lbs. I feel great, and as my wife could attest, my belly now appears flat, as opposed to the bulging appearance that I had prior to leaving for my appointment.

The cost for the entire process was just $60.00. The name of the company that conducted my irrigation was Organic Healing. Karen Stammeyer is the Certified Colon Hydrotherapy specialist at this location. You may contact Karen at 517-990-9100.

In addition to colonic irrigation, the company also offers a vast number of additional products, and or services (herbs, massages, etc) to assist with natural healing. Karen even shared with me previous experiences where she has completed this process for Cancer patients, and was able to clear out a number of dead cells for these patients.

Additional Colon Facts

Is your Christmas dinner still in your gut? The average American has just three bowel movements per week. An individual with a healthy colon, a good diet, and proper elimination should have three bowel movements per DAY.

If you are having only a few bowel movements each week, then at the end of the week, you are 18 bowel movements SHORT! By the end of the month, you are 72 bowel movements BEHIND. By the end of the year, you are 864 bowel movements behind (and storing ALL OF THIS in your COLON)!!

It is no wonder then that the body starts to break down and to become diseased with time. Let's face it--if your infant or young child was not having regular bowel movements, would you be alarmed? If your pet dog did not have daily bowel movements, would you take your pet to the veterinarian? So why then do American adults think that it is perfectly "normal" for them to only have a few bowel movements each week?

Conventional wisdom states that simply increasing our fiber intake will provide the same benefits derived from a colonic irrigation. This could not be FURTHER from the truth. In addition to removing tremendous amounts of caked up waste from the body, the irrigation process also removes toxins from the kidneys, as well as the liver.


I am not being compensated for sharing this information with my friends, and/or family members. It is my wish to simply provide valuable information that can and will provide those that I love most, with the opportunity to achieve and to maintain excellent colon health.

As is always the case, this is not a one time FIX ALL, and I have already taken steps to improve my diet, as well as my activity levels. I do hope that this information has been of some value to you, and best of luck to you with regards to your health in the future.

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