Thursday, March 7, 2013

When Creating A Network Marketing Business: Begin With The End In Mind.

Billions of dollars are exchanging hands each year in the direct sales industry. Millions of Americans from all walks of life have joined the homebased business industry. Direct sales/network marketing provides individuals who are seeking extra money with the opportunity to create unlimited streams of income from home by sharing business opportunities with potential customers, an/or business partners.

The beauty of the direct sales industry (in addition to the free trips, free vehicles, cash bonuses, etc), is that each individual that joins the industry has the ability to establish SPECIFIC income and career goals that will fit in with his/her personal preferences. The purpose of today's post is to encourage those who are new to the industry to BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND.

WHAT do you want?

Would you like to earn an additional $500.00 per month from home? Would you like to earn an additional $1,000 per month from home? Would you like to match your full-time income from home? Would you like to replace your full-time job with income from home? These are questions that should be asked prior to joining the direct sales/network marketing industry. In the absence of a SPECIFIC plan, with clear set goals, you will likely end up beating your feet in the water, and going no place fast.

WHEN would you like to have this desired income?

It has often been said that, "Goals are dreams with DEADLINES!" Have you ever heard of the word "urgency?" One of the first things that you will notice when studying successful people, is that they ALWAYS move with a sense of urgency! It is DIFFICULT to book interviews with stars like Tyler Perry, Diddy, Oprah, etc. Why is this? This is due to the fact that these individuals are constantly SPRINTING from one goal to the next, and thus, they have very little time for small talk!

LOCK IN on your business goals. Establish specific deadlines for advancing company ranks, reaching certain income levels, etc. If you fail to establish deadlines and timeframes for your performance, then you willl inevitably end up taking YEARS to accomplish tasks that should have been completed in WEEKS!

WHERE will you promote your business?

Who is your TARGET MARKET? "Well, my upline told me to contact my friends and family members. So they are my target market." Okay. So what if every person in your family mocks you, discourages you from pursuing your business, and refuses to attend a single presentation? What if your friends tell you that you're wasting your time, and they have neither the time, nor the money necessary to support your business? This was exactly the case for me when I joined the industry. So I'll ask you again, "What if?"

Think outside the box. Starting with your warm market is a brilliant idea. However, I would encourage you to approach those closest to you with realistic expectations. I would also encourage you to create a plan "B," or a SECONDARY market of individuals that are in position to possibly support your business, at least in the infant stages. Internet marketing presents the opportunity to share your business with the millions of individuals who use the internet on a daily basis. Social media is yet another possible outlet.

HOW will you get it?

Once you have established clear and concise goals for your homebased business, you will then be in position to move on to the next step, which will be identifying the steps that will be necessary in order for you to accomplish your desired end. How many phone calls will you need to make each day? How many meetings will you need to schedule for each week? How many hours will you need to invest daily, weekly, and monthly, in order to achieve these results?

 If you treat your business like a hobby, then your business will pay you like a hobby. If you treat your business like a business, then your business will pay you like a business. Part of treating your business like a business will be establishing performance goals and objectives at the start of each day, week, month, and/or year.

WHY do you desire this income?

I would like to reiterate that this post is about beginning with the end in mind. Up unto this point, we have covered WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and HOW. We have saved the most IMPORTANT piece for last: WHY. What will this additional income mean to you? What will this additional income do for your family? Why did you make the decision to join this particular opportunity? What are the circumstances in your life, that you are hoping to change with this added income. WHY are you doing what you're DOING?!!!

WHY is your WHY so important? You will run into every imaginable obstacle, and/or setback while making this journey. Those who you are expecting to support your business, will abandon you. Those who you are expecting to be TOP performers will flame out, QUICKLY. You will SOON realize that network marketing is NOT a "get rick quick scheme" You will want to quit. DON'T.

Prior to making your first phone call, or sharing your first presentation; establish your WHY. Identify the REASON for your joining the business. Take photos of the things that you will be able to do for your family and for yourSELF, once you have achieved this income goal! Review these photos on a DAILY basis. Allow these images to serve as the engine that DRIVES your performance!

There are NO LIMITS to what you can accomplish in this AWESOME industry. However, to avoid becoming just another sad statistic, be sure to establish WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW, & WHY, prior to setting out on your journey. BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND!

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