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 The simplest explanation of network marketing is that it is a method of marketing that utilizes independent representatives to reach potential customers that a company would not reach otherwise with traditional online or offline marketing methods.

Companies have the option of investing tens of MILLIONS of dollars in television, paper ads, and celebrity endorsements, OR recruiting independent business partners/promoters/distributors to market their products, and/or services via word-of-mouth.

The word-of-mouth method has proven to be a much more effective method. Why is this? Well, which would be more likely to catch YOUR eye:

A. A Visalus commercial offering weight loss products and promising excellent results


B. A phone call from a friend that you know, like, and trust, stating that he has personally dropped 25lbs and lowered his blood pressure by 18 points by using Visalus products? Weight loss commercials are a dime a dozen. However, it is highly unlikely that you would question the validity of the results being shared via word-of-mouth from a personal friend.

Understand that the aim of this business is NOT for you to harass your friends and family members into joining your business. However, the plan (at least initially), IS for you to develop the skill necessary to identify the individuals within your personal network who may be in position to benefit from the products, and/or services that you have to offer. In doing so, you will also discover those individuals who are open to earning part-time income from home.


This is one of the more commonly asked questions from potential prospects who are considering the Multi-Level or MLM industry. For starters, you should understand that pyramid schemes are illegal. A pyramid scheme is a fraudulent business model where money exchanges hands, and individuals are promised returns without providing products or services to end users.

In illegal pyramid schemes, individuals who are at the top of the pyramid earn money, and those at the bottom are essentially defrauded by those at the top. In an illegal pyramid scheme, it is impossible for individuals at the bottom to reach the positions at the top, and this is by design.

Over the course of the past 26 months alone, Visalus has created more than 700 six-figure earners. It is possible for new promoters of the challenge to pass their sponsors in terms of rank advancements, income, etc. The cost to get started as an independent promoter of the 90 day challenge is $499.00, and Visalus has a training system in place to teach new promoters how to recoup this initial investment within seven DAYS!!!

There are thousands of doctors, chiropractors, dentists, fitness trainers, gym owners, attorneys, and business professionals from all walks of life who are enjoying MASSIVE success in the network marketing industry, as promoters of the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge.


Are you content with your current employment situation? If you were to ask most working Americans to describe their ideal working environment, you would surely hear things like:

  • No boss
  • No employees
  • No politics
  • No discrimination
  • No educational requirements
  • etc
In the network marketing industry, you are your own boss. Although you will acquire business "partners" along the way, you will not be responsible for the stress that comes along with managing employees, as each of your partners will be also independent business owners.

There are no politics in the business, as you are solely responsible for your own success or failure. Whereas it is common practice for corporations to discriminate against certain employees based upon educational requirements, in the network marketing industry, you can go as far as your talent, drive, and work-ethic can take you.

There are also BENEFITS and PERKS that come along with serving in the network marketing industry. These benefits include:

  • Unlimited income
  • Residual income
  • Enjoying the company of the people that you work with
  • The ability to set your own work hours
  • Low start-up costs
  • Tax benefits
  • Opportunities to win trips to various exotic locations all across the globe
  • Car incentive programs
  • etc.


We are often quick to reflect negatively upon that which we do not understand. I would encourage you to do your research. The fact of the matter is that most Americans are struggling in the current economy. According to recent studies, some 54% of recent college graduates are unemployed. Large corporations are making cuts to the workforce on a daily basis.

There are MILLIONS of individuals from all across the WORLD who are enjoying MASSIVE success in the network marketing industry. This is an opportunity that you can take advantage of on a part-time basis, as you grow in skill, knowledge, and understanding. If you should decide to become a full-time marketer in the future, then that option is certainly available as well.

You can contact me directly at 517-240-0190, and I would love to discuss my current opportunity more in depth with you via phone.

"The three C's in life: Choice, Chance, Change. You must make the CHOICE to take the CHANCE if you want anything in life to CHANGE."-unknown

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